Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PhantomALERT - The perfect complement to that new GPS!

Wow! What a successful black Friday!

PhantomALERT sales were huge as GPS owners were enthusiastically upgrading their devices with our database.

Did you also notice the door crasher specials that were being offered by Walmart, Best Buy and others with rock bottom prices on TomTom and Garmin GPS? These hot items sold out in record time. Which means there are millions of GPS owners ready to be sold PhantomALERT. We can help them transform their GPS into a speed trap and red light camera detectors. This is a perfect time to reach out to all of them and up sale PhantomALERT.

Help us get the word out and we will all share in the success. Please watch the video below to see how powerful PhantomALERT is when combined with a GPS or a smart phone.

Millions of GPS users are eagerly waiting to buy.

Must Watch Video....

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