Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Have a Built In Navigation System in my Vehicle. Can I still Use PhantomALERT?

Here is a common question that we are often asked here at PhantomALERT:

My car has a built-in navigation system and is not listed on the GPS compatible list. Am I still able to use PhantomALERT?

The answer is yes! The Cheetah C50 Speed camera and trap detector and give you all the benefits of our PhantomALERT software in one device.

(Click Here and learn about the Cheetah C50 as well as other ways to benefit from PhantomALERT.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

List of GPS models Compatibile with PhantomALERT

Traffic tickets are time consuming and costly, but a wallet-sized warning device could help drivers spot red-light cameras and speed traps, before they spot them.

"You upload it or import it into your GPS machine, and your GPS machine is now a red-light camera and a speed trap warning device," said Joe Scott, the maker of Phantom Alert System. PhantomALERT currently works with many different types of Global Positioning Systems.

(Click Here for a list Of GPS Models compatible with PhantomALERT.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Check Out the PhantomALERT Tutorials

PhantomALERT has developed a comprehensive list of tutorials to help their customers learn to install and use our products with ease. Learn how to download the software to each individual GPS model, verify and report locations, and get the most out of our services.

(Click Here and see our Full List of Video Tutorials)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ABC News: GPS feature promises ticket trap warnings

ABC News features a story about PhantomALERT. A special database downloaded into GPS unit warns drivers of speed traps, school zones and more.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Get Free Daily Email Notifications from PhantomAlert

PhantomALERT offers free Daily Email Notifications when new speed traps, red light cameras or speed cameras are reported in your area! Avoid costly surprises! Someone is going is going to pay, don't let it be you! No subscription required.

Click here and Sign Up for Our Free Speed Trap Email Alert Now!

Here is a sample of the kind of emails you will receive:

Dear PhantomALERT Subscriber,

Report of Speed Trap in your area.

Type: Speed Trap: Cop Car

Location: United States Highway 190, Lampasas, TX 76550

Speed Limit: 40 MPH

Fine: $217
Comment: Multiple cops standing outside of one or two cars in morning and afternoon, usually one holding a radar gun and others flagging multiple drivers down at once. it's a wide open, fairly low traffic access road. The speed limit is 40 -they flagged me down (along with several other cars that had just passed me) said I was doing 50 (although I was only doing 45). Cost $217 in court costs for deferred adjudication (first ticket I'd had in years).

Friday, October 2, 2009

What Does Law Enforcement Think About PhantomALERT?

One of the biggest questions our customers have is if PhantomALERT is legal and what law enforcement thinks. Check out what police officers have to say about PhantomALERT.